The conventional ticket ends by January 7th 2019. 
Obtain the MOTION BUS CARD, a reloadable plastic pass at the size of a credit card or as multiple journey disposable single use paper-pass. 
Download the leaflet of MOTION BUS CARD

Download “CYPRUS BUS” application by MOTION.

The “Cyprus Bus” application by Motion is the official application of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works of Cyprus. It provides all the information related to the bus timetables in Cyprus.

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Learn more about the MOTION BUS CARD at: www.motionbuscard.org.cy

Motion Bus Card can be bought and toped up at the following OSEL sale points located in Nicosia:
1. Ticket office at Panteli Katelari Street(100m from Solomou Square) 
2. Makario Stadium Bus Station 
3. General Hospital Bus Station 
4. Tamasos Bus Station 
5. Tembria Bus Station 

And at the website: www.motionbuscard.org.cy  (soon via JCC smart)

F.A.Qs - Motion

Personalized cards are issued at the MOTION ticket offices with proof of Identity / Passport / Birth Certificate. You need to fill in an application and need to be photographed on site to obtain the card.
You can issue an Anonymous card to all MOTION ticket offices without your personal details.
A one-way paper ticket is issued by the driver in the bus with the corresponding amount paid. For those entitled to a 50% discount on the fare, the passenger must present the appropriate card for the discount.
The paper smart Card will be available after January 2019.
The 4-way Multi-way smart Card is sold in the bus, with the corresponding amount paid to the driver.
For Multi-way Paper Cards loaded with 8,10,20 or 40 routes are sold at the MOTION ticket offices.
It is available for individuals who are entitled to the 50% discount on the fares by presenting the appropriate cart for the discount. The Multi-way paper Smart Card is not rechargeable, it is disposable.
The MOTION BUS CARD does not apply to School Students. School students will continue to buy the Paper Monthly Student ticket of €10 from the driver.
If a school student would like to issue a MOTION BUS CARD, they will be in the category of under 18s and will be able to charge the card with the €20 Discount Monthly Ticket or the €10 Weekly Discount Ticket.
Card validation is activated when you enter the bus at the validator beside the driver. When you validate your card, the endorsement screen displays the expiry date of the ticket (or any cash balance). Therefore, the machine not only validates, but also informs.
We validate the card EVERY TIME we board a bus.
Every successful validation in the bus validators, shows a green light and an audible sound. Invalid validation indicates a red light and audible unsuccessful validation.
1) In all MOTION ticket offices.
2) Online via JCC at www.motionbuscard.org.cy (available after January 2019)
Personalized card:
For daily or frequent users of Public Transportation.
It allows the storage of a 7-day, 30-day or 365-day ticket and a monetary value of up to 50 Euros (Electronic Wallet, available after January 2019).
It allows the storage of discount tickets for discount beneficiaries.
Anonymous card:
It allows the top up of 7-day and 30-day normal value tickets and a monetary value of up to 50 Euros (Electronic Wallet, available after January 2019).
It does not allow the loading of reduced-price tickets.

At MOTION ticket offices in Nicosia, only OSEL tickets are charged. In order to top up tickets for another city, you should contact the ticket office of that city.
It is clarified that the choice of the type of fare or the stored monetary value is made at the time of purchase. It is not allowed to convert a monetary value into a fare product or vice versa or change a fare product.
Both the Personalized and the Anonymous card can save up to 3 period tickets at any time, from any of the public transport companies in Cyprus and Monetary Value (Electronic Wallet).
It is always first recognized the period ticket and then the stored monetary value. If the fare product is not sufficient, e.g. there is an OSEL ticket on the card and a monetary value and the passenger uses a bus from another company (Intercity Buses etc), seek and validates the value of the required ticket from the stored monetary value (Electronic Wallet).
Any amount you want up to 50 euros.
You can choose from:
A personalized card: where you can top up any type of reduced fare you want, that is, weekly, monthly or yearly ticket, as well as tickets with a reduced price or a monetary value of up to € 50, deducting the value of a reduced ticket every time you use the bus.
Multi-way paper Smart Card: (available after January 2019), with your 4-way ticket being purchased by the driver and the 8,10,20 and 40 tickets from the MOTION ticket offices. The multiple ticket is not rechargeable. 
Any product you have topped up on your card (eg a 30-day ticket) is activated from the first time that you validate your card by transferring it to the validation machine in the bus.
Of course not. You can recharge your card whenever you like.
The second charge will be activated automatically after the first one.
Upon validation, the expiration date of the ticket or the balance of the money when validating a card bearing any of these products appears on the validator machine screen in the bus.
You can also request your card balance from the driver or the operator at the MOTION ticket offices so you can check your balance and see your card information.
Current pricing policy does not change. The pricing policy applies regardless of the installation of the new system, which has the potential to support existing ticket types.
The reduced fare or free rate is not abolished.
I owned a personalized MOTION BUS Card and lost it. What do I do? (Replacement due to lost, theft, malfunction)
In case of loss, theft, malfunction of your personalized card, you should register it as soon as possible at one of MOTION ticket offices and ask for it to be replaced.
To re-issue a personalized card you will also need to provide:
Your identity card or passport or birth certificate for young children who do not have a political identity
You will be photographed on the spot
The necessary supporting documents if you are entitled to reduced or free travel.
The person responsible will cancel your old card and issue the new card.
Card replacement due to loss, theft, damage costs €2.
The remaining fare products and / or the monetary value found stored on the old card will be transferred to the new card.
Anonymous MOTION BUS Card does not store the owner's personal information. Therefore, if you lose it, it is stolen or destroyed, it is not compensated, it is not replaced and can be used by third parties.
For this reason, we recommend that urban transport users prefer the version of the personalized MOTION BUS Card to secure their purchases of value.
There is also the option to issue a Registered Anonymous Card for which an application has to be filled in with the details of the passenger and in case of lost, the remaining fare products and / or the monetary value found stored on the old card will be transferred to a new card. 
Multi-way Paper Smart Card does not store personal information. Therefore, in case of lost, stolen or destroyed, it is not compensated, is not replaced and can be used by third parties.
Think about the number and frequency of your moves and consider whether your Personalized MOTION BUS CARD suits you.
Any monetary value (e-wallet / available after January 2019) and non-activated ticket you have saved will be found as they are. However, if a ticket is activated, as in your case, it will expire exactly 30 days after the first transaction of the ticket. If you did not activate it, then you would also find it intact.
The Motion Card sales points in Nicosia are as follow:
Point of sale at Pantelis Kateralis Street, 100m from Solomos Square (Tel: 22318120)
Makariou Stadiou Bus Station (Tel: 22351484)
Bus Station of General Hospital (Tel: 22570061)
Tamasos Bus Station (Tel: 22335115)
Tembria Bus Station (Tel: 22465546)
Where can I find information on the Motion Bus Card types and the features of each one?
Information on the Motion Bus Card can be found at www.motionbuscard.org.cy
With the application of MOTION BUS CARD the pricing policy does not change, information on OSEL ticket rates can be found at http://osel.com.cy/tickets


With the MOTION BUS CARD, the payment policy will remain as existing. 

Tickets     Fees   University Students, School Students & Social Card Holders 
Single Routes €1.50 €0,75
One Day - Multiple Routes €5 €2.50
Seven Day - Multiple Routes €20 €10
Thirty Day - Multiple Routes €40 €10 (only for School Students)
Night Bus - Single Route (21:00 - 4:00 am) €2.50 €1.25
One Day - Multiple Routes (for all Cities) €15 €7.50
Yearly €400 €200

Note: The Day, Seven Day, Thirty Day, Yearly and School Ticket will be valid for Night Bus Services until 04:00 am of the day following the expiration date of the ticket.
50% Discount:
  • University Students by indicating University Student Card. See the Cards / Universities entitled 50% discount here.  
  • School Students by indicating School Student Card
  • Social Card Holders by indicating Social Card
Free Ticket
  • Children under the age of 6 years
  • Soldiers by indicating Soldier Card
  • Contract Soldiers by indicating Soldier Card
*NOTE:  School Students will pay €10 fee per month for ALL routes (School - Urban - Assisting - Night routes). 
Fees regarding long distance routes, outside Nicosia district, are FYI only. These routes are not carried out by OSEL LTD:
Routes   Single Route   One Day   Seven Days   Monthly   Yearly
All Routes       €15   €75   €225   €2250
 93 Lykavitou Ave.
      2401 Eggomi
Nicosia, Cyprus
  (+357) 22 468088