The conventional ticket ends by January 7th 2019. 
Obtain the MOTION BUS CARD, a reloadable plastic pass at the size of a credit card or as multiple journey disposable single use paper-pass. 
Download the leaflet of MOTION BUS CARD

Download “CYPRUS BUS” application by MOTION.

The “Cyprus Bus” application by Motion is the official application of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works of Cyprus. It provides all the information related to the bus timetables in Cyprus.

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Learn more about the MOTION BUS CARD at: www.motionbuscard.org.cy

Motion Bus Card can be bought and toped up at the following OSEL sale points located in Nicosia:
1. Ticket office at Panteli Katelari Street(100m from Solomou Square) 
2. Makario Stadium Bus Station 
3. General Hospital Bus Station 
4. Tamasos Bus Station 
5. Tembria Bus Station 

And at the website: www.motionbuscard.org.cy  (soon via JCC smart)


With the MOTION BUS CARD, the payment policy will remain as existing. 

Tickets     Fees   University Students, School Students & Social Card Holders 
Single Routes €1.50 €0,75
One Day - Multiple Routes €5 €2.50
Seven Day - Multiple Routes €20 €10
Thirty Day - Multiple Routes €40 €10 (only for School Students)
Night Bus - Single Route (21:00 - 4:00 am) €2.50 €1.25
One Day - Multiple Routes (for all Cities) €15 €7.50
Yearly €400 €200

Note: The Day, Seven Day, Thirty Day, Yearly and School Ticket will be valid for Night Bus Services until 04:00 am of the day following the expiration date of the ticket.
50% Discount:
  • University Students by indicating University Student Card. See the Cards / Universities entitled 50% discount here.  
  • School Students by indicating School Student Card
  • Social Card Holders by indicating Social Card
Free Ticket
  • Children under the age of 6 years
  • Soldiers by indicating Soldier Card
  • Contract Soldiers by indicating Soldier Card
*NOTE:  School Students will pay €10 fee per month for ALL routes (School - Urban - Assisting - Night routes). 
Fees regarding long distance routes, outside Nicosia district, are FYI only. These routes are not carried out by OSEL LTD:
Routes   Single Route   One Day   Seven Days   Monthly   Yearly
All Routes       €15   €75   €225   €2250
 93 Lykavitou Ave.
      2401 Eggomi
Nicosia, Cyprus
  (+357) 22 468088