Organization General Information

(OSEL) Transportation Organization of Nicosia District is the new modern service providor, who’s target is to give the Cypriot citizen what was missing for years in public passenger transportations. We aim to increase the frequency on routes with new buses in conjunction with low cost.

Our future goals are to strengthen public passenger transport and to increase the use of the bus by 2% in 2010, to more than 10%, which is the goal of the Ministry until 2019. It aims by 2016 to establish a comprehensive fleet management system and ticketing machines making the bus trasport a more easy and pleasant way to travel through our City and District.

Reasons why you would choose the new (OSEL) buses in order to move in Nicosia:
Using buses O.S.E.L Ltd, exempt from the problem of parking, you also have less cost.
  • Releasing passengers from the daily traffic jam, one of the major problems of our city.
  • An important problem that we must be aware about is the Environment. The more vehicles circulating daily, the more polluted the atmosphere, so using the bus, giving us the opportunity to help reduce the problem.
  • Finally, you enjoy a comfortable route on a modern bus, so you feel a European citizen.
Christakis Matheou Loukis Tapakis Kostas Ioannou
Soteris Soteriou
Eleftheria Iordanous
Phroso Anastasiadou
Pavlos Panagos
Antonis Antoniou
 93 Lykavitou Ave.
      2401 Eggomi
Nicosia, Cyprus
  (+357) 22 468088